Business Finance

Taking Care of Business

CP Money is here to help you with your business finance requirements.

If you are already in business or looking to starting a new venture, CP Money can assist in financing your next purchase. CP Money specialises in providing quick and easy commercial equipment finance for your business, to help accelerate your business to its full potential.

We will aim to personalise your finance to ensure maximum value for your business situation with the competitive products CP Money can offer. Whether you are just looking for a quote on your next commercial vehicle, or looking to fund your business equipment, CP Money is here to help. One of our products offers an alternative to traditional options such as equipment lease or equipment rental; this product gives you the equipment you want, structured as a short contract.

Here at CP Money our wide range of flexible options are tailored to compliment our client’s needs.

Finance made simple and easy.

Our process is transparent and flexible. Our experienced finance brokers will assist you through the entire process to ensure you stay informed every step of the way and helps you to choose the option that meets your requirements and suits you best by providing you with:

Please contact us for all your financing needs. Your approval is our priority!

General advice only - seek professional advice via an accountant