Motor Vehicle Finance

What do I get?

Let CP Money take the hassle out of obtaining your new or used motor vehicle finance prior to entering the dealership. Having your finances pre-approved with CPM will give you confidence and ultimate bargaining power when dealing with that seasoned salesman. Whether you are buying a vehicle from a new or used car dealer, private seller or even at auction, having that extra peace of mind will work wonders when it comes time to negotiating price.

Get equipped quick!

CPM have access to a large panel of lenders that can accommodate and tailor a loan package ideal to suit your individual situation, with access to some of Australia’s most competitive interest rates we urge you to compare us to your local banks. Contact the CPM team today for your quick obligation free quote and same day approvals.

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Get Scratching the Itch!

If you’re still making a decision or finding it hard to get your head around which motor vehicle to purchase, CPM could also provide you with the details of reputable wholesalers and retailers that have a large range of motor vehicles to suit any budget and are easy to test drive, offering a better overall experience which could save you valuable time and money.

Get Straightforward!

CPM prides itself on being upfront and transparent with all its customers. At CPM you will be dedicated an experienced and knowledgeable broker that understands the requirements and nuances of the industry making it a Simple, straightforward process. CPM will assist you every step of the way in obtaining your finance solution, giving you that professional personal experience. Here at CPM you are treated like family not a number.

Get Free-quency!

Free up your precious time and let CPM structure the loan that suits you. Scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly, repayments can be processed by various payment methods or even schedule them via Bpay. CPM offers many flexible options. A variation referred to as the balloon payment or residual is also slowly growing in popularity. By setting a bigger balloon payment for the end of the term, which may vary in certain circumstances, you'll be able to scale back your monthly payments to help fit your budget.

Get Interested!

Your loan rate will be fixed, which means the interest is calculated on the unpaid daily balance. Making extra or additional payments can reduce the outstanding balance hence reducing the interest charges. This could ultimately shorten the loan term and reduce the total expense.

Get protected!

For additional protection, you could consider some insurance products that CPM can incorporate into your finance, such as comprehensive insurance, gap insurance, mechanical breakdown and loan protection insurance. A deposit isn't required in most cases however it could assist with your approval.

Finance made simple and easy.

Our process is transparent and flexible. Our experienced finance brokers will assist you through the entire process to ensure you stay informed every step of the way and helps you to choose the option that meets your requirements and suits you best by providing you with:

Try our easy to use online loan calculator on our home page as a repayment guide. Repayments on your car can be structured to suit your needs.*

Please contact us for all your financing needs. Your approval is our priority!