Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

We've Got You Covered

Sometimes called Extended Warranty, this product safeguards you in case of faults or breakdowns giving you added security and peace of mind. It covers the repairs or replacement to most major mechanical and electrical items of your vehicle.

CP Money encourages customers to protect themselves against surprises when buying a new or used vehicle. This product provides similar protection to what you may be offered through a dealer.

What are the Advantages

  • You can choose the vehicle you want, without concern for any statutory warranty.
  • It can be financed if you take out a car loan.
  • The product can be transferred if you sell your car. This is a huge feature to a prospective buyer when you’re trying to sell your car.
  • Protects your savings in the event of an unforeseen failure.
  • The warranties will generally cover the costs of those repairs, parts & labour. Sure, there are limitations – you must still pay for normal wear & tear items like new tyres, light bulbs and other general maintenance items when required, but the warranty usually covers the bulk of those unexpected mechanical failures.

    Please contact us to discuss how an extended warranty for your vehicle can be arranged.