Loan Protection Insurance

Peace of Mind

CP Money strongly encourages customers to consider loan protection insurance.

This insurance will pay your loan repayments for a specified period of time if you cannot work due to sickness, injury or disease, or if you become involuntarily unemployed. It will even pay your outstanding balance up to the policy limit should you die.

A loss of income or a change to your otherwise good health, such as an injury or illness might make it impossible for you to meet your financial obligations as savings can soon disappear due to ongoing loan commitments and never-ending bills. It is a terrible thought, but one you should consider. If the worst-case scenario happened and you or your partner died it might leave a heavy financial burden on your loved ones.

What should you know

  • Cover is available for joint owners/applicants.
  • Financed as part of your car loan, and may only be an extra few dollars per week.
  • Covers the whole term of the loan
  • Please contact us for all your financing needs. Your approval is our priority!